The above instrument is entirely handmade. Ornamental of the instrument is produced explicitly in the workshop. The pickguard of this instrument is a classic design of the famus Zozef Terzivasian and constructed in BouzoukiCy workshop! Some of the instruments are not prefabricated and are available for sale only after a new order is placed. The construction of a new instrument requires at least 3-6 months.

  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Warranty and Maintenance Booklet


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  • Black walnut – palisandro rosewood body (60 dougies) with full acrylic decorations
  • Neck without trust rod, only wood ebony rail
  • Ebony wood Fretboard (Master Grade)
  • German Spruce Soundboard (Master Grade)
  • Acrylic Pickguards
  • Mother of Pearl – Fret Marks
  • Mother of Pearl – Shell Hole
  • High Gloss finish
  • Grover tuner machines (silver)