With every purchase the manufacturer provides a total of five free service, for the first two years from date of purchase. They are scheduled to become stable, and the history of the instrument is recorded in the warranty booklet which is given to the owner along with the instrument.  In order to fulfill every free service, it is necessary to present the warranty booklet.


What may include a free service:

  • cleaning and care of the fretboard
  • equalization of frets
  • cleaning or changing of nut and saddle
  • change of strings
  • set-up of bridge and upper nut
  • correction in case of minimum fretboard warping
  • general instrument cleaning with special


It is clarified that for the free service:

  • material costs are not included. Only the services are included
  • are specific content, without changes by the owner (buyer)
  • it is not necessary to have/exists a service.