With each instrument from Savvas Miltiadou instrument shop they are provided with full coverage and technical support for any problems that maybe occur due to manufacturing failures!

This warranty covers the fretboard stayability if curving and the denting of the spruce top in the bridge area, only in case of provided that the strings used are the appropriate ones. However, it does not cover any problem that occurs in an instrument that is left idle and not in use, it does not cover any breaking from impact, does not cover the cracks in parts of the instrument due to exposure to extreme weather conditions of dryness or temperature, it does not cover normal wear and tear caused by use on strings, frets and varnishes, and finally does not cover any instrument that has not been presented for service within the first two years of free service provided.

The guarantee is provided indefinitely, i.e. without any time limit for any instrument that has not been serviced, repaired by another instrument maker or an unauthorized person, bears the original stamb of the instrument maker and for which the guarantee booklet exists and is presented. This guarantee is not transferable in case of resale by the owner.