Asmir Case - Βαλίτσα μπουζουκιού - Βαλίτσα λαούτου παραδοσιακές θήκες -Οργανοποιείο Σ. Μιλτιάδου - Κύπρο (14B)



Because ASMIR knows… This is a waterproof traditional bouzouki case that you will often see in photos of famous players from the past! If you get such a suitcase the first thing you will notice is its impressive appearance and the quality of its construction! But the most important thing is its ability to keep the instrument alive since the conditions inside it are ideal for musical instruments and always stable! It removes unnecessary moisture and you always have the instrument ready for study. Suitable for 8-string & 6-string bouzouki. It has a velour inner lining for better protection.

You can get it directly with an online order or after consultation with the store. In case it is not available in the shades you would like, it can be made to order in the colors available in the photos.

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  • Unique construction material that keeps the humidity of the instrument constant during its storage
  • Interior pocket for accessories
  • Arm locking tape scratch
  • Hard handle
  • Different color options