Prerequisite for the buyer is to ensure the guarantee of quality and durability corresponding to the purchase value of the instrument. For this reason the workshop of S. Miltiadou warrants in each market. The period of guarantee margin for any purchase is two years, and recorded within each institution. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of construction and the durability of each instrument, in cases where the «terms and conditions of warranty» are applicable.

It is generally proven that each musical instrument is impossible to maintain a lifetime in excellent functional condition without maintenance and protection. The musical instruments are directly influenced by the weather conditions and their treatment way. For this reason, the maintenance of the instrument beyond the time frame of the warranty, is depending on the «maintenance and protection» of the buyer and the good cooperation with the manufacturer.

With the purchase of each instrument the customer always gets a «warranty booklet» containing the «terms and conditions of warranty», all necessary methods of «maintenance and protection» and history of all the service which have been done. This warranty applies for all cases by the manufacturer.

BouzoukiCy Warranty & Service booklet