Prerequisite for the buyer is to ensure the guarantee of quality and durability corresponding to the purchase value of the instrument. For this reason the workshop warrants in each market. The period of guarantee margin for any purchase is two years, and recorded within each institution.

The manufacturer guarantees the quality of construction, durability and the sound of each instrument, in cases where the «terms and conditions of warranty» are applicable.

It is generally proven that each musical instrument is impossible to maintain a lifetime in excellent functional condition without maintenance and protection. The musical instruments are directly influenced by the weather conditions and their treatment way. For this reason, the maintenance of the instrument beyond the timeframe of the warranty, is depending on the «maintenance and protection» of the buyer and the good cooperation with the manufacturer.

With the purchase of each instrument the customer always gets a «warranty booklet» containing the history of all the service which have been done, the «terms and conditions of warranty» and the methods of «maintenance and protection».

This warranty applies for all cases by the manufacturer!

«Terms and Conditions of Warranty»

  • The warranty covers only musical instruments which are sold directly from the manufacturer to the first owner, and only if the warranty booklet exists. It does not cover any subsequent owners.
  • The case of defective instrument, due to poor construction or materials is covered by the warranty. Repair or replace the instrument with a new instrument is possible. Confirmation of the defective instrument can be done only from the manufacturer and since «terms and conditions of warranty» and the rules of «maintenance and protection» are applied. A prerequisite is to present the «warranty booklet». In case of a repair there is absolutely no charge! In the second case the replacement is done with a new musical instrument of the same value with the previous one. None instrument is not considered as a defective for its sound. Also, it cannot be considered as a defective beyond two years from the date which the instrument has been manufactured.
  • The warranty covers only the normal use in «normal weather conditions» and excludes any problems caused by willful or accidental damage, accident, neglect, misuse, peculation, use in abnormal weather conditions, accidental breakage and any other facts. The manufacturer reserves the right to cancel the warranty, in case the buyer refuses any of the above causes.
  • The warranty does not cover any damages resulting from any unauthorized change, dis-assembly, repair and modification of the instrument, without the consent of the manufacturer. With the involvement of an unauthorized person, the manufacturer is exempt from any liability and the warranty is canceled.
  • The warranty does not cover any damages arising from abrupt or extreme changes weather conditions, from inappropriate cleaning methods and from ignoring the rules of «maintenance and protection».