• Natural walnut body (15 ntougies)
  • Neck without trust rod
  • Ebony wood Fretboard
  • German Spruce Soundboard
  • Walnut – maple veneer wood Pickquards
  • Plastic Dots Fret Marks
  • Walnut Veneer Hole
  • Grover tuners (gold)
  • Rock-bag case included in the price

Tzouras for sale


The above tzouras is entirely handmade. Ornamental of the instrument is produced explicitly in the workshop. The instrument is not prefabricated and is available for sale only after a new order is placed. The reason is that the workshop does not work with mass production rates, but with more interest and dedication to each new instrument based on each customers’ needs. The buyer gets a completely new instrument. This way ensures the selection of any alteration in individual decoration. If the buyer would like any changes for a specific decoration, may report it to the Luthier through a phone call or in the order form (in the description section). Any changes will be charged. The construction of a new instrument requires at least three months.
For the best customer service, the Workshop provides the payment option: payment in advance/deposit. When the construction of the instrument will be completed then the buyer will have to pay the remaining amount. After that the instrument is sent directly to the client or it can take it from workshop.

The new musical instruments store (tzouras for sale) professional tzouras for sale it has a unique quality of sound and decoration construction. Handmade by Savvas Miltiadous in Cyprus. Greek traditional instrument that is solo in folk music bands. Greek traditional tzouras for sale is greek bouzouki 8 strings and laika organa professional. Bouzoukis and bouzoukia is sonata mastro by the famous zozef tsakirian. Kleftogiannis is the most varlas. Prodigy strings are thanasis polykandriotis and the professional bouzouki players which is karantinis, tatasopoulos and unique sound of the  baglamas tzouras strings. Tetraxordo and trixordo is traditional tzouras for sale.

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